2018 Instructors

Each week has its own balanced variety of teachers, with an enormous range of styles and genres. Teachers come from all over—some live just down the road, and there are teachers from as far away as Australia. All of the teachers at PSGW share a few things in common: they are passionate about what they are teaching, they bring expertise in their topics as well as in their teaching skills, and they are eager to share in the camp experience with students.

Look over the instructor list to see who is teaching this year and what they are offering, then check out the teacher archives from past years too.

PSGW Summer Session 1 (2018)

July 28, 2018


August 3, 2018

Chic Street Man
Eric Thompson
Guitar & Mandolin
Flip Breskin
guitar & ergonomics
Hilary Field
classical guitar
Jenna Bean Veatch
Dance & Ukulele
Joe Newberry
repertoire & songwriting
Lisa Aschmann
Nova Devonie
Peter Langston
Rene Worst
Bass & band lab
Suzy Thompson
vocals & fiddle
Tony Marcus
guitar & band lab
"The teachers are so available and approachable. Not only do you get their time in classes, but they are willing to take extra time to show you something or help you. The love of music and teaching in each of the instructors is palpable."
A PSGW camper

PSGW Summer Session 2 (2018)

August 4, 2018


August 10, 2018

Bill Coulter
Celtic Guitar & Band lab
Bob Franke
Caleb Klauder
guitar & mandolin
Cosy Sheridan
guitar & stagecraft
Cyd Smith
swing guitar
Kenny Feinstein
bluegrass guitar
Kirby Jane
fingerstyle guitar
Laurel Bliss
country guitar
Nan Collie
Paul Elliott
Ray Bierl
Reeb Willms
vocals & old-time guitar
Ron Peters
jazz guitar
"I took a songwriting class from Cosy Sheridan that blew my mind open. I had written songs before attending but never with much purpose or success. During her class I committed to making writing something that I practiced. I wrote 50 songs in the year following camp."
A PSGW camper

PSGW Summer Session 3 (2018)

August 11, 2018


August 17, 2018

Caitlin Belem
dance & improv
Chuck Ervin
bass & instrumentalist
Ed Johnson
vocals & brazilian guitar
Kat Bula
Kathy Kallick
repertoire & songwriting
Marie Eaton
songwriting & fingerstyle guitar
Phil Wiggins
blues harmonica
Rhonda Rucker
bones & clawhammer banjo
Richard Brandenburg
vocals & guitar
Sparky Rucker
blues guitar
Steve Baughman
Tracy Grammer
guitar & performance