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May 25, 2021
No 2021 PSGW Summer Camp
After a great deal of consideration, the decision has been made to forgo camp this Summer. Read the full message below.

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We’ve got some good news and we’ve got some bad news…

Thank you for graciously sitting with the unknown as we worked diligently to discern whether or not it’s viable to hold camp this summer. Alongside the PSGW board, we wanted to make sure we were making an informed, compassionate and equitable decision. With a wistful, yet resolute sigh, we’ve decided that forgoing camp this summer is what’s best for our community. We find that it is really important to make tough decisions from calm waters. So, we’ve been reflecting on what camp really means to us: expressing joy in intimacy, feeling unencumbered in our creativity, being able to savor the present moment without trepidation… Of course, camp impacts us all in different ways. Yet, it’s always been our hope to foster an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome to connect, to learn, to thrive…to just be. We feel that these dynamic times simply do not fully align with this goal.            

Grief and loss need levity. While we will not be hosting a full-fledged virtual camp, as a substitute for meeting in person, we are excited about the possibility of instigating smaller, pop-up events online. While the times and dates are yet to be determined, it’s our intention to host virtual teacher and student concerts as well as other modest, coalescing events that honor camp in its absence. Please trust that more details are on the horizon!            If you feel compelled to support camp during these times, you can now submit donations to our general fund (supports camp infrastructure, teachers, etc.) and our scholarship fund online! All donations are humbly received and go a long way in building camp resiliency into the future. Trusty snail mail works great, too!            

Regarding PSGW 2022, in order to hold space for uncertainty, we will not be maintaining the same teacher roster and thus will also be starting anew with our student registration lottery. We will let you know far in advance when we’ve established a timeline for next season, so you can feel secure and prompt with registration. While waitlists are inevitable, there is a chance that we will be adding a fourth week of camp next year to expand accessibility. In the interim, we will also be using our website to highlight offerings from our teachers as well as ways for students to get in touch with them. This will be a great chance to connect with faculty for lessons, concerts, recordings and other content.

Pilgrim Firs has been our trusted home since 1976. This summer they will be making their site available to folks who want to spend time together in person. Please visit the Pilgrim Firs website
for more details and/or call/email Janet. They too are suffering in these uncertain times. Much needed donations to Pilgrim Firs can be made here on the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop web site. Simply chose the General donation button and let us know it is for Pilgrim Firs. Checks still work as well. Send your check to PSGW, PO Box 896, Bellingham, WA 98227-0896 and let us know it is for Pilgrim Firs.

We can’t thank you enough for receiving this message and honoring the feelings that it may stir up. We welcome your thoughts and concerns without condition.

Stay tuned and take good care, Love, Janet and Elian

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Instructors' Online Offerings

We still don't know if PSGW Summer Camp will be possible in 2021 (we hope to make the decision soon), but that doesn't mean our wonderful instructors have stopped teaching online classes, making videos, recording new music, and the like. We've compiled a directory of some of our instructors' online offerings.

Instructor's Online Offerings

musical styles

PSGW is a camp for all acoustic instruments and genres.

One of the unique aspects of PSGW is the wide variety of musical instruments and styles taught and played during each week. We offer an extensive range of guitar classes, of course, but there are also classes in many other instruments: voice, fiddle, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and others. Some classes are not instrument-specific, such as songwriting or music theory. People also bring all kinds of instruments to play outside of classes—accordions, cellos, saxophones, even harps and the occasional tuba.

Meet our World Class Instructors

Aside from its students, PSGW's single strongest asset is its teachers.

Our teachers are chosen for their ability to communicate their knowledge, enthusiasm, and skill, both in the formal class atmosphere and in the equally-important informal playing situations that abound at camp. Although the teachers provide support when needed, they also provide space for students to experiment and make mistakes on their own, leading to satisfying growth. Because students and teachers share meals and down-time at camp, students leave at the end of the week with new friendships as well as material to practice.


The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop was created in 1974 by a few people with a vision to create a summer music gathering.

Since that time, PSGW has grown to include three independent, week-long summer music camp sessions for adults. Designed for beginners to professional musicians, the camps offer a wide array of musical styles and instrument instruction. In addition to the summer camp sessions, PSGW sponsors several other events and camps, including three retreats held throughout the year, The Northwest Writers’ Weekend, and The Workshop Workshop.