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PSGW Summer Session 1 2024

July 27, 2024


August 2, 2024

Aaron Guest
Guitar, Songwriting
Christian Casolary
Practicing, (Not) Theory
Cindy Kallet
Songwriting, Guitar
Devin Champlin
Guitar, Repertoire
Eric Skye
Kenny Feinstein
Camp Instrumentalist
Laurel Bliss
Repertoire, Guitar
Libby McLaren
Vocals, Performance
McKain Lakey
Banjo, Repertoire
Robin Flower
Guitar, Tune Writing
"The teachers are so available and approachable. Not only do you get their time in classes, but they are willing to take extra time to show you something or help you. The love of music and teaching in each of the instructors is palpable."
A PSGW camper

PSGW Summer Session 2 2024

August 3, 2024


August 9, 2024

Addie Mathis
Vocals, Guitar
Cara Luft
Repertoire, Banjo
Cosy Sheridan
Songwriting, Guitar
Greg Canote
Fiddle, Home Town Band Lab
Jere Canote
Ukulele, Home Town Band Lab
Kat Bula
Leah Wollenberg
Camp Instrumentalist, Fiddle
Marcia Taylor
Guitar, Theory
Marie Eaton
Stagecraft, Guitar
Patrice Haan
Vocals, Listening
Tony Marcus
Band Lab
Wes Weddell
Songwriting, Guitar
"I took a songwriting class from Cosy Sheridan that blew my mind open. I had written songs before attending but never with much purpose or success. During her class I committed to making writing something that I practiced. I wrote 50 songs in the year following camp."
A PSGW camper

PSGW Summer Session 3 2024

August 10, 2024


August 16, 2024

Adam Levy
Ami Molinelli
Amy Friedricks
Instigator, Guitar
Carol McComb
Repertoire, Vocals
Jay Knowles
Songwriting, Guitar etc.
Joy Clark
Songwriting, Guitar
Keith Lowe
Bass, Camp Instrumentalist
Neal Chin
Tom Moran
Mandolin, Camp Instrumentalist

PSGW Summer Session 4 2024

August 17, 2024


August 23, 2024

Adam Roszkwiecz (Roscoe)
Guitar, Tunewriting
Andrew Ratshin
Songwriting, Performance
Colleen Freeman
Fiddle, Tunewriting
Ed Johnson
Vocals, Repertoire
Hilary Field
Guitar, Folk Orchestra
Jennifer Scott
Vocals, Performance
Marla Fibish
Mandolin, Repertoire
Orville Johnson
Guitar, Dobro
Paul Elliott
Camp Instrumentalist
Steve Baughman
Guitar, Banjo
Tom Rawson