2022 Camps

Explore our summer sessions, retreats, and other PSGW sponsored events.

Summer Sessions

PSGW runs four independent, one-week-long sessions each year designed for adults ranging from bare-bones beginners to professional musicians and singers. The teachers and classes are different in each session and although there are a number of classes that will always be given (e.g. beginning guitar), each week develops its own character based on its unique teachers, classes, and students. You can explore each session's classes and instructors by clicking on the links below.


In addition to the summer Guitar Workshops, PSGW holds three music retreats throughout the year. Retreats are a time when the camp community can come together to play music without as much structure as summer camp. There are no teachers or classes, just relaxed fun and plenty of music jamming.

Sponsored Events

PSGW sponsors several other events and camps. While some of these events have expanded beyond music, they still embody the core values of PSGW. Currently, PSGW sponsors the following: